Rip it Out

It now belongs to you,
I stop fighting
I take a knee
And let you
Rip and bruise
Love and miss
Every part of me.

My mind and body
Is weak to your words,
Is powerless to your smile
and hopelessly naive.

You may be my final
Yet I know I’m not yours
Please, when you move on
Rip out my heart
I won’t need it anymore
I won’t want it anyway.

Who is it?

Creates doubt
and longing.

Constructs happiness,
and delirium.

Designs adventure,
and bewilderment.

My Cherished Sigh

Wayward up
or down,
Induce the birth
of original thought

Prize each new idea,
as if the only.

Mount the sweet aroma
of tantalizing metaphors,
under inaccurate pauses.

Transition to never,
and beautify meaning.


My pieces of self
longing to be someone else
Rip me from this body
and mind
My knowledge burned
to be lost
to be gone.

Yearn to burn
these moments of me,
from the consciousness

The aroma enhances
my hate and loathing,
caught to leave
but my pedestal.

Not Once

Please come again,
Words of sweet
Nestled in deep

Swamp of nauseous,
Long before the beginning
I watch and yearn

Loved to know
Hated before

Heavenly Hazles

It’s as though a million minutes
and as though a trillion times,
the moments I see you,
The moments I feel you
Never lose an instant.

Never waste a smirk,
a laugh
or a tender touch.

Your heavenly hazels
as they admire me
ignite inside
a rumbling, roaring
until I tremble,

Your Innovation

The multitude of my metamorphosis,
waivers without spoil

Distorted views magnify the stench

Echo my tang
Rescue my transmutation
become the only.

Our Purity Divine

The moon does not weary,
Bedded upon my nevermore

Longing for my evermore,
Unsettled urge
To walk along my trees
Kiss the dirt
And change the view

The sun does not jade
Distorted upon our lucidity.

Lost Sounds

Far past the known
two before three
linger here
my beating vein
beyond your steps
four after five
alter the last
elaborate my first

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