You Win

We’ve become more than what they’ve seen,
We’ve proved them wrong,
moved past the impassable,
looked beyond their barriers.
We have seen the highest fall,
The mightiest grovel,
The weakest fight.

I am no longer your minion,
Your second in command
for I have seen,
the many things
on which you grow.

With each passing day,
your claws are loosened,
and I can breathe again.
With each passing hour,
your hold on me falters
for I am and always have
fought against your dominance.

As you lose complete control…

I stumble,
and you regain your courage
which envelops my everything
and once again
I lose the weakest fight.

We become stronger together,
our stable union
as you play your part
in the ever-elusive game
of my self-deprivation.


Let us dance and sway
To the soft melody
that seems to fade
as I let myself be swept away.

The music is now so distant,
as I leave this world
to the place in my heart
where I am your perfect one.

The sun awakes,
forcing the dream to vanish.
The view of you fades again
with the sounds of a new day.

A Different Bleed

As the white of the page crushes every thought,
Do I or Don’t I,
Can I or Can’t I.
As the black of the words expose every feeling,
Fix it or Break it,
Move or Idle.
As they mix the grey blurs my vision,
Open or Close,
Light or Dark.
It taunts me with each sound,
It haunts me with its silence.
It burns with each rejection,
and each word as they brand my heart.
Each mark a different feeling,
a different hurt, a different bleed.


Ten thousand stares,
All in their rows
Each their own judgement
Kept to themselves.

Wanting to know the thoughts
Of each and every mind.
Curiously fixated.
Afraid of the truth.

Surrounding every word,
Hints of anxiety.
Suffocating every thought,
Traces of panic.

Walking anywhere
Brings each stare
Burning deep into the flesh.
Kept in a nervous state.

As It Was

As I am staring at my ceiling,
My mind tells me the things that went right,
and reminds me of the things that went wrong.
How this is not how it is supposed to go,
How I should have done something.
Said something more.

I now plead to the empty room,
To my empty life.
Everything was as it was,
Before you.

Before you,
Things were disastrous,
I was lost,
In a whirlwind.
Repeating the same old.

With you,
Things were wonderful,
You found me,
In my own hurricane
Started to slow down,
And let the same old,
Become different.

My ceiling becomes darker,
As the sun moves down,
I still lay and wait
For another day,
My mind still reminiscing
Of what it was.

A Little Too Much

Too much to think is all I have tonight,
intoxicated with the sum of gab;
but would I have thy knowledge out of sight?

In this unclouded haze of breathlessness,
I have uncovered heaven’s raptured door.
But does the white enchanted dawn emerge,
against odds which one falls towards thy core?

I have but one intention to diverge,
consideration to another cup.
My way of stillness will anticipate,
a new logic stirring but I’ve given up.
By now I’ll judge if you participate.

If that is what wasted on thought is like,
allow my refusal and let me strike.


Strange upon this feeling is another,
that doesn’t quite belong.
It bashes and bruises the husk,
of each below it.
Conversing without words,
living without lineage,
evolving without demand.
Creating a distraction,
an unwarranted interruption,
of any other moment,
any other thought or
any other touch.

What is this, that is flooding my veins,
enveloping my brain
and seeping into my dreams?
It is cascading down my bones,
overflowing my heart
and is submerged in my lungs.

As my breath catches,
the feeling is fleeting.
Gone in seconds,
before it could be placed
upon my mantel of emotions.
Gone with the sturdy wings
of the inner beast.

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