Lost Sounds

Far past the known
two before three
linger here
my beating vein
beyond your steps
four after five
alter the last
elaborate my first


A consistent aroma of distortion
The many spices of forever

Evolve our consciousness
Bend our conception
All reasoning
Trim all hatred.

Glorify and motivate
Amplify and devote
To all the waves we whiff
And all the flames we inhale.

Breathlessly obscure,
Silently vague.

Stuttering our cause,
Mumbling our defiance
Trapped in a tender hold
Worshipped without grace

Prepare for the end
Caress our wordless goodbye

Cha Cha Cha

Not often do I do the dance,
of self-preservation.
Rarely don’t I do the tango,
of self-reflection.

Keep up with expectations,
stay low with realizations.
Move along the tracks
of deep dejection
profound woefulness
and rooted sorrow.

My melancholy and mortification
tenders the trench
of my intoxication.

Brace Yourself

Words out of place
nothing but grace.
Walked away,
head held high.
Still, see you sway,
to us you simplify,
all of this disgrace
within your embrace.


Words are the only escape,
Knees are weak
Uniquely neurotic

Bounce to and from
The novel feel of fresh

Keep moving,
My anemic attention
Wavers toward the abyss

Wasted Time

Since I don’t want to waste
what little time I have borrowed
grow your horns and dig deeper,
there is nothing here for you anymore.
bore your talons in another’s flesh
mine now is impenetrable
from thoughts of you long gone.

Straight… To Where we Weren’t

We could have drank it straight;
chased it with whiskey;
and seen the floor from a new perspective.
but now your scent lingers,
and your voice whispers,
My heart was ripped long ago
you now only have my soul
to rip from my body.
Now you assume
I’m here to maintain sanity.
I will make you cry
The way I cried for you
I will bleed your blood
The way I bled for you
I will breathe your breath
The way you kept me breathing.
I have been held up in this place
For far too long
Let me out
To the air-filled world.
I’m leaving
For the gum in my hair
Is much better company
Than the whispers I hear.

Isn’t this Just Sad

I am sorry; for every moment replayed, every sign never seen, every day of uncertainty, every tear that has dropped, every puddle made, and the aftermath. Thank you; For every kiss, so unattainable. Every word uttered, so unpredictable. Every touch, so incredible.


You knew from the beginning
This wasn’t going to last
You were just there for entertainment
Until you wanted to move on
Until you found someone better.
I must be mistaken
You were my best.
You helped me realize that maybe life is too short
To do what you do.
You took my heart and snapped it in two,
It’s not the first time either,
You do it to too many.
Thought they could change you
But I thought I could love you…
And I did.

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