Boldly Blackened Beating,
By just the look,
Yet a smile
Creates my hysteria.

Shivered Shame Succumbed,
At every corner,
Yet a smile
Designs my logic.

Perception edged through,
My boulevard of innocence,
Submerged long past our era.
Yet a smile
Is the composition of


The tears flooded my eyes,
They take away the sparkle,
The smile.
The gates of my nightmares
Have leaked out my secrets
and kept me teary.

Let my river flow,
With no interruptions.
The rocks sink to the bottom
Never quite reach the top
To stop
The drops from flooding.

The river begins every time
You step into my thoughts,
and you linger there
Just to haunt me
To tease me
To displease.
Keep those gates open,
Keep the tears flowing.

Moments of You

Slowly I am removing you
From your prestigious pedestal
That I have subconsciously
Placed you upon.

Please tread carefully,
My heart is scattered and smeared
Across my fleeting floor.
Millions of pieces
Each with an edge
Sharpened by a promise.

I’m afraid you won’t make it
Past the first few steps
Without leaving behind
Moments of you within them.


To each their own,
my mind has gone awry
sleep never does arrive,
I lay in wonder
in fright
that the day has been born,
where we must part
our forever ways.

No longer does our dance
feel at all of dreams.
No longer does our steps
feel at all of delusion.
One before two,
Four after three
each does sway
and impression
an intoxicated nightmare
into the base of my skull.


I am again stuck,
In a honey mixture.
This time I swim,
all around and soak myself
In your sweet syrup.

I bath in you,
The smell of you
and the thought of you.
I just can’t get enough.

Kiss my honey covered lips
And tell me that you need me too.
Tell me that you are swimming,
In my honey mixture, too.

Not Yet The Way

It’s the way my eyelids drop,
the way my toes curl
and my yawns continue.

It’s the way my fingers snap,
the way my palms itch
and my sweat drips.

It’s the always,
and forever.

It’s the way my knees buckle,
the way my hips ache
and my breath catches.

It’s the way my neck turns,
the way my stomach rumbles
and my laugh stumbles.


Each time we share our words,
my mind becomes vacant
and proceeds to hinder my participation.

Striving to become someone intelligent,
worthy of your exchange
is as fruitless and hopeless
as my collection of firsts.

Dwindling topics,
diminished effort,
hidden interest.

Each season passes,
and my instinct falters
because my assumptions
are based on your previous actions,
your prior banter, and
your ancient misjudgments.

Encouraged to remain stagnate,
lingered rush of emotions
keeps any stray
from swaying
pressures any drift
to delay escape.

Modest discussion,
common battle,
lost passion.


Search within my eyes and let me slip into a daze,
Let me lay my head upon your chest.
As you caress my face within your hands,
And slowly let your lips touch mine,
You’ve put me under your spell.
As we embrace I feel the touch
Of complete simplicity.
Slowly the sensation wraps all around
And it is only you and I.


Let us give ourselves a buzz
consume another glass
until we move along to another along the wall.

The idea is what we long and yearn for,
what we kill and die for.
The simplest of ideas,
planted and nurtured true.
Yet why and how?

Dear Valentine of Simplicity,
Where do we find the heart,
the beating vein,
that we have been accustomed to?

Dear Darling of Attachment,
How do we hold onto the affection,
the tender embraces,
that we have become devoted to?

We become disillusioned to our world
the hint of love was our only perception,
and we gather to know the pain.
Pain of the unknown
of nothing and everything,
sensitivity to yet another heartbreak
to yet another largely overplayed fall.

You Win

We’ve become more than what they’ve seen,
We’ve proved them wrong,
moved past the impassable,
looked beyond their barriers.
We have seen the highest fall,
The mightiest grovel,
The weakest fight.

I am no longer your minion,
Your second in command
for I have seen,
the many things
on which you grow.

With each passing day,
your claws are loosened,
and I can breathe again.
With each passing hour,
your hold on me falters
for I am and always have
fought against your dominance.

As you lose complete control…

I stumble,
and you regain your courage
which envelops my everything
and once again
I lose the weakest fight.

We become stronger together,
our stable union
as you play your part
in the ever-elusive game
of my self-deprivation.

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