You Win

We’ve become more than what they’ve seen,
We’ve proved them wrong,
moved past the impassable,
looked beyond their barriers.
We have seen the highest fall,
The mightiest grovel,
The weakest fight.

I am no longer your minion,
Your second in command
for I have seen,
the many things
on which you grow.

With each passing day,
your claws are loosened,
and I can breathe again.
With each passing hour,
your hold on me falters
for I am and always have
fought against your dominance.

As you lose complete control…

I stumble,
and you regain your courage
which envelops my everything
and once again
I lose the weakest fight.

We become stronger together,
our stable union
as you play your part
in the ever-elusive game
of my self-deprivation.

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